Saturday, January 28, 2006

Blogarithms: Rocketboom Auctions Advertising

Over the past few months there’s been some speculation about the value of an advertising slot at the end of a Rocketboom segment. Jeff Jarvis was quoted in the New York Times (Times Select) in December as saying that based on 100,000 downloads a day one advert could cost $8,000.

Well, that was almost two months ago. Rocketboom now gets 130,000 downloads a day. And producer Andrew Baron and presenter Amanda Congdon are about to find out how much that’s worth. Next week they will auction off Rocketboom’s first week of advertising on eBay.

What makes this auction even more interesting is that the winning bidder will have to relinquish control of the advertising to Baron and Congdon who are going to make the adverts themselves. If a company insists on making its own advert, then Congdon and Baron will vet it (and exercise a veto) before it runs. And this policy will apply to all future adverts on Rocketboom.

I’ll leave it to the advertising experts to make of the policy what they will. But if Rocketboom’s ads are as good as the show, you can almost guarantee a large slice of the audience will stick around to watch it.

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