Sunday, January 22, 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/22/2006 | | Edublogs: Where to find vision and new direction

Best audio and/or video blog:

Ed Tech Talk, at, hosted by Dave Cormier and Jeff Lebow, is a Webcast and a Web site where discussions cover all aspects of educational technology.

You will find interviews with thinkers and leaders, and discover what is new, what is coming, and what works in the classroom.

In this category, I also am fond of Connect Learning, the forward-looking podcasts and blogging of educational technology consultant David Warlick.

I am also a new fan of TILT TV, TILT - Teachers Improving Learning With Technology - is hosted by elementary-school teacher and district technology facilitator Danny Maas. TILT TV presents vidcasts "by teachers for teachers."

Recent informative episodes included strategies for adding multimedia to PowerPoints and new Web-based applications for students and teachers.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer


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