Sunday, January 15, 2006

National Business Review (NBR) - 'French maids' show video bloggers how to do it

National Business Review:

Oooo, la la, that's some firewire you have there, mon cher!

"Interesting in video blogging but not sure how to get started? What you need is a saucy little lesson from the French Maids, perhaps.

If this website isn't a bit of viral marketing fluff conceived and implemented by Apple and Quicktime, it should be -- but that doesn't make it any less fun, or reduce its effectiveness as a teaching tool.

Time will tell, perhaps, about the viral marketing aspect of the project, but for now the French Maids -- who purport to be podcasters, running a site that will eventually house multiple podcasts -- have only one episode in their inventory, a 'how to' for DIY-inclined videocasters.

Yes, that's them in the picture.

From left, there's Laura, a 'Southern Shaolin Kung-Fu 2nd degree black belt' with a print model background. Laura 'graduated magna cum laude from USC in international relations' and 'doesn't take any crap.' " (more)


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