Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dvorak Uncensored : Meta Coverage of CES2006

Meta Coverage of CES2006

By John C. Dvorak

After last week's Consumer Electronics Show, it's apparent to me that Gary Shapiro, the head of the CES, needs to spin off the computer gear and do a show called CES Computers, or some other such thing. This would separate the typical CES home entertainment equipment and weird gizmos from the SATA hard drives, microprocessor manufacturers, wireless gear, and case-mod offerings.

Last year I found CES to be so hectic and over-covered that I didn't make any attempt to go this year. Instead, I coded a CES metapage [] for my blog that highlighted the best coverage by others. With around 2,500 exhibitors, there were an estimated 6,500 analysts and media members attending the event. This is nearly three people per booth. That made my attendance beyond redundant. (more)

Best Sites for Product Coverage and Photos
***** PC Mag CES 2006 Product Coverage with Videos
**** ZDNet CES Videos
***** PC World. Centralized coverage, Photos 1, 2, 3, 4
*** Engadget CES Booth Tours: Microsoft, Motorola, Philips
***** Engadget CES Product Coverage
** TWICE Magazine CES Blog
**** CNET Coverage Including Best-iN Show List
*** Gizmodo "Live" Coverage -- Not Consolidated, may scroll off
** I4U News from CES featuring Nikki Cash


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