Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 International CES: Podcasts and Blogs

2006 International CES: Podcasts
This year, at the Consumer Electronics Show, the trade association can scoop the entire international press corp with their own online media network. Next year, it is inevitable that a video blog will be added to the show management multimedia mix.

CES Podcasts

Innovations Plus at the Sands (7 min)
Find out why you can't afford to miss the show's newest venue.

CES Blog

TechZone Tips
Posted by Tara Dunion, Director, Communications

Want a tip on how to see some of the coolest technologies at CES? Want to maximize time and try to see it all?

A great place to start is at the CES TechZones. There are 20 of them throughout the Sands and LVCC showfloor and they highlight the hottest trends and technologies. Click here for a link:

This year’s lineup looks awesome, with a myriad of exhibitors spotlighting emerging technologies and hot trends. The TezhZones cover the Automotive Aftermarket to the Zigbee Alliance, with lots of cool stuff in between.

Checkout the 12 TechZones that are featured at the Sands. From Robotics to Cardio Play and Launch technologies, its all there. And in just a few weeks, all of us will be able to experience it.


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