Thursday, June 16, 2005

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Anything goes in neighborhood parade? Not quite

SEATTLE -- Turns out there ARE limits at the Fremont Solstice Parade, where naked cyclists are an annual feature. The body piercers' float has been nixed.

Prompted by a letter from a concerned citizen, Fremont Arts Council members began talking about just how edgy they wanted to be. Finally, the council board voted to ban the float planned this year by the group called People Undergoing Real Experiences. (Editor: Join FAC online discussion)

Last year, PURE's float was pulled by people who attached ropes to piercings in their backs - and it seemed parade-goers were cool with it. (Editor: PURE members were also pulled by the float. See 2004 Photos, Discussion)

"I think a lot of people really didn't realize what was going in till we got right up next to them but then they did - I don't think they were freaking out or anything," said PURE member and float puller John Bridges, 19, a short-order cook.

"I think it was generally well received," Bridges said.

Apparently not. (more)



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