Thursday, March 23, 2006

Podcasting and Vlogging Redux

A how-to tutorial and guide to about 70 products and services

A little over one year ago I wrote a column titled, “Video Blogs and Podcasts.” It was one of last year's most widely read columns, with over 9,000 views and 66 comments. Eric Rice and I went at it; last October we had a chance to break bread at Cafe Barrone during one of my jaunts from China back home to Silicon Valley (yes, I still consider the Mid-Peninsula “home,” even though I may never move back). So who was right? Well, I believe we both were. It really depends on which metrics are used to measure success. One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that since last February (thirteen months ago), a lot more tools have come on the market. Rather than debate the merits of podcasting or vlogging (video blogging), I'm going to focus this column on the myriad of choices that might be considered. And let me get in a few disclaimers up front: First, my focus will be on podcasting.

Reason: Today's vlogging tools are where podcasting tools were about 18 months ago, yet podcasting still hasn't crossed the chasm. In 2006, focus on podcasting (relative to vlogging). In 2007, let's see this Q4; many more vlogging tools are needed.

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