Saturday, July 09, 2005

PC Magazine: Flickr Pics Capture London Terror

PC Magazine: Flickr Pics Capture London Terror: "News about Thursday's terrorist attack in London spread across the Web like wildfire with up-to-the-minute details on news and blog sites. A new form of online news outlet seems to have emerged as well- photo sharing sites such as Flickr, which encourage users to share photos and comments in a communal setting.

After four bombs rocked the city, killing at least 37 and wounding more than 700, Flickr members started to pool photos from the event that include pictures of people standing behind blocked streets, armed men boating toward Parliament, and a chilling photo of people evacuating a train via a dark subway tunnel.
A total of about 300 photos have been contributed, and certain photos have been viewed up to 6,000 times." (more)

By Libe Goad


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