Monday, June 27, 2005

Hey Flickr! Montage this! | | CNET

"I remember when photo montages became all the rage at the Rogue Valley Mall where I grew up in Southern Oregon. You know the ones; the poster shops had just gotten over the Magic Eye fad and welcomed in a new era of novelty art, those pictures made up of thousands of tiny pictures.

I always thought I'd like to try my hand at creating one myself. But as any good procrastinator in the digital age knows, wait long enough before starting any project and some highly motivated developer will do the dirty work for you. Enter Billy Fowks.

Fowks is a Web developer who lives and works in Brooklyn, N.Y. A photographer, Fowks found a gold mine in Flickr's enormous database of photos. After seeing a Web app built using Flickr photos, Fowks was inspired to make one of his own.

The result is a neat little tool called the Flickr Montager that lets users create those photos-made-of-photos without all the messy glue and paper scraps. After a search term is input into the tool, it searches Flickr's database for a photo with that tag. "

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Posted by Jennifer Guevin

NOTE: It would be cool if all the online phones from each of the 2005 Summer Seattle events (Fremont Parade/Fair, Pride Parade, Bite of Seattle, Hemp Fest, etc) were made into a giant digital montage.


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